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4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaign Is Not Converting & How To Fix It

Have you ever wondered, almost gave up on Facebook Ads, because you are not seeing conversions? Sure there might be some engagements, there’s traffic but no sales nor leads. Like what is going on? 

We’re going to break that all down here in this video. All right, guys, I hope that you’ve got a pen and paper out because this is going to be really important. This can change your entire business.

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Case study: How she made $109K in 4 weeks selling her hair products

A case study about Shakiya Gardner’s success in amidst the pandemic. How she used the skills she learned from my signature program – The Social Sales Lab – and how she earned $109k in just 4 weeks by selling her hair products.

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Copywriting Hacks With Ad Copy Examples Included

Running a successful Facebook Ads campaign needs to be targeted to the right market and your messaging has to speak to them in order to encourage them to take the next step. Before we get started, let me debunk the number 1 misconception on how to make consistent sales on Facebook Ads marketing: You think […]

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7 Points To Identifying Your Premium Offer

The key to a high converting campaign and offer is to make sure that what you’re selling is of utmost value and premium. You should be positioning your brand and your offers as an ultimate exclusive luxury experience, whatever it is that you’re selling, it needs to stand out.

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Launching A Business She Made $4k In 3 Weeks

This is Jen and her husband’s experience with The Social Sales Lab SO FAR. How she launched a business that made $4k in 3 weeks.

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How to make money on Facebook Ads consistently

I’ve received so many inquiries about how to make money consistently through Facebook Ads because apparently, it is still widely confusing for many and they don’t know where to start. There are only 4 things to remember when running Facebook Ads and make consistent money out of it. Grab a pen and paper to jot down some notes because this is gonna be loaded!

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5 Facebook Ad Targeting Secrets To Increase Your Conversion Rate

I’m going to share with you why your Facebook Ad Targeting is not working for you and what you can do to change it with the five P’s, my guaranteed checklist will help you change your targeting, narrow down, get in front of the right people and get more customers and clients.

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The #1 Thing You Must Do When 1st Running Ads

I wanted to talk today about the number one thing that you should be doing when you first start running Facebook ads. I want to help you set up your Facebook Ads campaign for successful conversions.

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