How to make money on Facebook Ads consistently

I’ve received so many inquiries about how to make money consistently through Facebook Ads because apparently, it is still widely confusing for many and they don’t know where to start.

There are only 4 things to remember when running Facebook Ads and make consistent money out of it. Grab a pen and paper to jot down some notes because this is gonna be loaded!

This is perfect for you if:

  • You want to get started with Facebook Ads, even if you don’t know where to start. (Don’t worry, I got your back!)
  • You have been using Ads for a long time but are not seeing conversions.
  • You are so, so ready to crush Facebook Ads and finally stop the endless hustle for conversions.

4 things to remember when running Facebook Ads and make consistent money out of it

#1 – Consistency

Consistency is my top tip on making money on Facebook Ads, and I want people to understand that doing so is a science – it’s all about numbers. This will help stay on track with your Ads and campaign and it will be easier in the long run to evaluate your campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

Being consistent means opening yourself up to running a few Ads that might not bring you leads yet. Yet, you must keep going and make the necessary adjustments. This will help you understand the metrics inside Facebook – which ones are valuable and money-making metrics. If at first, you don’t get it – it’s never a loss. It’s a learning process and I want you to keep going.

When it comes to making money consistently, it really boils down to numbers and consistency. Never magic.

#2 – Never rely on boosted posts

You may have tried boosting some posts here and there, and barely saw anything. Sure, you may have seen some engagement such as likes and a few clicks but no sales, right? Worst, maybe even no leads at all. 

Boosting some posts doesn’t allow you to be consistent and there is no room for growth in it. No business has ever thrived off of boosting a post. The quick steps of boosting a post may appeal to you, because it’s like a three-step process to just get you some ads already running but I strongly do not recommend it. It might lead you some engagement but it’s only a quick glimpse or express step to start with ads. It never brings quality leads that would actually buy from you.

#3 – Stop turning on/off your Ads

When I first started out, I was trying everything under the sun – including turning on and off my Ads. Years of experience taught me that this is harmful to my campaigns.

Campaign: one or more ads surrounding one objective

Now, testing and being in the learning phase is one thing, all right? You’re going to want to switch and rotate certain Ad sets in and out of the rotation, but you’re not going to want to completely just shut off campaigns, unless you’re done forever. You don’t ever want to just shut off a campaign and then turn it back on because it will completely screw up the system.

So Facebook is an algorithm and when you turn it off, it basically takes you out of the rotation, puts you on the side and when you’re ready to come back, you are basically starting from scratch because the algorithm kinda threw you back in towards the bottom (from all of the turning on/off of your Ads) because the algorithm thinks you are still figuring out what you truly want to do.

#4 – Track your numbers 

By tracking your numbers and having specific goals of what you’re planning on doing, you’re definitely going to make money consistently with your Facebook Ads. 

Pro-tip – have a spreadsheet that tracks exactly how your data is performing, such as which audiences are giving you the best results: 1) which ads and which audience says are performing the best, 2) which ones are driving the most high quality traffic to your website or to your product page, and 3) which one is actually ending in the most high quality results. By ‘high quality results’, I meant leads that convert into sales!


4 ways to make money consistently through Facebook Ads:

  1. Consistency
  2. Never, ever relying on boosted posts
  3. Avoid turning on and off your Ads. It hurts your overall campaign
  4. Track your numbers

With perseverance and being clear with your processes and goals, this is going to make sure that you are making money from Ads consistently. 

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