5 Facebook Ad Targeting Secrets To Increase Your Conversion Rate

I’m going to share with you why your Facebook Ad Targeting is not working for you and what you can do to change it with the five P’s, my guaranteed checklist will help you change your targeting, narrow down, get in front of the right people and get more customers and clients.

You might find yourself thinking how big companies have access to all the real data and you wouldn’t be able to do that for your business. I have talked to a lot of entrepreneurs who started dabbling on Facebook Ads and didn’t get any results. With that, they just decided ‘Screw, Facebook! It’s not working for me!’.

Apparently, this is not the case. It’s not because Facebook Ads won’t work for you. This could be: 1) you’re not targeting the right people, or 2) you’re not getting in front of the right people. When this happens, you’re just wasting a lot of money on trying to attract poor quality customers or people who are not even your target audience!

Before you totally give up on Facebook Ads, give it ONE MORE SHOT as I guide you step by step with my 5 Facebook Ad Targeting Secrets To Increase Your Conversion Rate.


1 – The first thing you need to do is go into Facebook. (No boosting over here, we don’t use the B word!)

2 – On Facebook, go to business.facebook.com

3 – Set up your business manager

4 – your Facebook ads account

5 – go in and you’re going to select your objective


I’d say go straight to conversions because you can use this to optimize for people that will view your content and engage with you first. This set of audience will take that first step in getting to know you. There are other alternate options like brand awareness, traffic engagement, even video views but conversions is always the safe bet so that you can just get people exposed to what it is that you have.

Now don’t expect sales on the first ad. Rest assured, you don’t have to put a lot of money in order to even do that, but it will allow you to optimize for the people who really will take the action that you’re looking for. So that top of the funnel action, you can find it inside a conversion.

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Now here’s the hack that I was referring to when it comes to targeting. In order for you to reach the right people and convert them is through this ‘Guaranteed To Buy Checklist’ or the 5Ps:

1. Premium payers – These people need to be qualified to work with you or to purchase from you.

2. Problem/Pain Points – This is the most important because even if they can afford your product, if they don’t have a need for it, then they’re not for you. If they can’t see how they could use what you have, whether it be a product or service, then they don’t need you.

3. Present situation – So what makes this so timely right now? What’s in your product or service that gives them the urgency to do it now?

4. Priorities – This is where you’re going to be able to build an urgency, maybe even scarcity, because you know that they are prioritizing this right now. You know that your online boutique clothing is perfect for them because they’ve got an event to go to. Right. And they need this. Now it’s just a matter of selecting which companies they’re going to work with or they’re going to buy from. And then same thing for my service providers. Like why is it important? Maybe they’re getting ready to travel abroad and they need your language coaching program because they need to learn a new language now. Right.

5. Personal interests – This is going to be everything. What kind of person are they like? What else do they enjoy? What else do they use? What pages do they like?

To conclude, think of the 5P’s as the 3-pronged marketing strategy: getting the person at the right time with the right message.


Meet Chelsea, a Shopify Dropshipping Coach

  • Stopped selling products she liked or thought would be trendy.
  • Use the 5P’s to target the ‘WHY’ behind every customer.
  • Only chose products that solved a problem and targeted those pain points.

Results: 3X sales in the 1st month

Meet Christine, a Real Estate Agent

Used her story to identify her place in the market & attract other families , helping them become homeowners even throughout the constant base-transfers.

Results: 1st 10 leads in Week 1 of launch, one pre-qualified naval wife

Meet Chalise, a photographer and is the CEO of her own photography business eterson Pix Photography

Results: Tripled her sales since launching her Ads within 3 weeks, and went from making sales once/twice a month to making sales every single day

I can walk you through on how to get started with Facebook Ads – in the right way! – that guarantees conversion from the very 1st Ad you roll out.

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