Copywriting Hacks With Ad Copy Examples Included

Running a successful Facebook Ads campaign needs to be targeted to the right market and your messaging has to speak to them in order to encourage them to take the next step.

Before we get started, let me debunk the number 1 misconception on how to make consistent sales on Facebook Ads marketing: You think that you have to spend a lot of money to have an ad that actually works. 

No matter how big or small your Ads budget is, if you don’t nail this strategy I am going to share with you, then your ad campaigns won’t convert and bring you ROI.

FACEBOOK ADS SALES STRATEGY: Crafting a message that converts using my C.A.K.E Method.

So the C.A.K.E. method in crafting your messaging is what’s essentially going to sweeten the deal for you:

C – CTA to collect info

A – agitate pain point

K – know what motivates them

E – engaging tone/image

Call-to-action to collect info

You need to tell your people 1) what it is that they want and 2) what it is that you have for them. You need to tell them and hold their hand and let them know what they need to do to get it. 

Agitate Pain Point

So you have already targeted them and now you need to get their attention with the message. You need to dangle in their face the problem that they have, or the emotion that’s connected to it. Reiterate these in the ad copy like you are calling them out and making them understand that you see their pain and you’ve got something amazing to help. 

Know what motivates them

You want to let them know that you’ve got the solution for them. In your messaging, be able to express to your target market that you know what motivates them, the desires they have, the transformation you can offer and that they want to acquire these through your offering, This qualifies them because it makes sure that it’s speaking the language of that person that will buy what you have to offer. 

Engaging tone/image

You want to have an engaging video, image or caption. Make sure that you’re using emojis, that express to your audience that you’re happy and excited. More importantly, you want to evoke emotion. Emotion is the number one way to capture someone’s attention and get them to convert. When you’re resonating a transformational behavior, some sort of emotional trigger encourages them to click on your Ad – and that’s where you guide them to the next steps.

Facebook Ad structure sample:


You CAN create an automated, affordable & profitable Facebook Ads campaign, if you:

1 – have a strategy /funnel in place

2 – target using the 5 P’s

3 – use messaging that converts (C.A.K.E)

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