7 Points To Identifying Your Premium Offer

The key to a high converting campaign and offer is to make sure that what you’re selling is of utmost value and premium. You should be positioning your brand and your offers as an ultimate exclusive luxury experience, whatever it is that you’re selling, it needs to stand out.

Here are the 7 points to identifying and creating a premium offer that positions as the most, rewarding, relevant and valuable.


Your offer is providing the utmost value to your customer or client. This includes all of the bells and whistles, and if it’s product based, that means that you can think about this as maybe considering a bundle or a kit that gives your customers a bang for their buck.


Provides the most fulfilling end result for both parties. Transformational, long term or multi-use outcome. 


This product/service should offer the most time back to yourself — maybe enabling you to work from anywhere or requires less work but has a high return of profit. We want to operate like the top businesses out there who offer luxury, high-ticket experiences to their customers that are typically streamlined. So the goal here is to work smarter, not harder.


For your offer to be ‘premium’, it should be sustainable that lasts for a long time.If that doesn’t apply to your offer, then you want it to be emotionally-altering — this is perfect for product-based business owners.

For example, I’ve had clients before who are in the floral arrangement sector. Naturally their product doesn’t last that long, but their message strikes the emotional chord of their audience. The way they deliver their product was touching that it left a positive impact.

You want to make your audience feel a positive feeling, a transformation in their lives more than them being just a consumer.


This offer should be the most profitable offer you can create. Don’t worry about ‘who’ can afford it right now because you can locate and get in front of the right people.


Your offer should speak directly to your dream client/customer’s situation and their biggest struggle or desire – that’s how you know what you’re selling is the most relevant. When you successfully identify this, it is easy for you to craft your ad that positions this offer in front of them and that it speaks results to their needs.

Learn how to do strategic targeting when setting up your Facebook Ad campaigns. In order for you to reach the right people and convert them is through this ‘Guaranteed To Buy Checklist’ or the 5Ps.


Make sure that you also check your competition. Take some time to analyze what their offering includes and what their positioning is. If you could learn that information, it’s really helpful because you want yours to be the most unique. You want to stand out from the competition.

You gotta present your offer as a fresh perspective when it comes to helping the other side. Solving a problem with a different approach or enlightening style.

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