4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaign Is Not Converting & How To Fix It

Have you ever wondered, almost gave up on Facebook Ads, because you are not seeing conversions? Sure there might be some engagements, there’s traffic but no sales nor leads. Like what is going on? 

We’re going to break that all down here in this video. All right, guys, I hope that you’ve got a pen and paper out because this is going to be really important. This can change your entire business.

If you are running ads the wrong way, you want to make sure that you fixed them immediately. Because you want to save money and stop wasting your time running ads that don’t even serve you. You want to hurry up and get to the next level so that you can achieve more freedom in your lifestyle.

Do you want to have:

  • more money?
  • more free time?
  • quit your job and live your life on your own terms?

Investing on Facebook Ads for your side hustle or full-time business can help you make your goals a reality. If you are curious to know why your ads are not converting, there are a few reasons:

#1- You are not choosing the right objective

The right objective means that you are actually telling Facebook to find people who will take that action that you want to happen (e.g. buy your product). Sometimes you have to figure out which comes first: sales or leads. If you’re selling a service, typically a lead will come before a sale, right? So you have to think about that.

You also have to select the right objective that matches where that person is in the journey. So again, like for service providers, they’re not just going to buy off your ad. They have to learn a little bit more information about what service you’re offering, how the process works, what you could deliver, what it would be like to work with you, and how to get in contact with you. Identify what the first step looks like. 

If you are selling products, you definitely, definitely, definitely want to use conversions. The Conversion objective focuses on encouraging  people to take a specific action on your business’s site, such as having them to add items to a cart, download your app, register for your site, or make a purchase. At this stage of marketing, it’s all about getting your target audience to make a commitment to buy. 

#2 – You are driving traffic to the wrong page

If you are not converting from your ads, more than likely you are driving traffic. And what traffic does is send a mass amount of people to your page. If driving traffic to your site is your goal, then that’s cool. Back in the day, people would use this because they wanted to drive up the traffic on their page so that they can rank higher on search engines. 

You’re probably getting a lot of people to your site because that’s exactly what you’ve asked Facebook to do. You’ve asked them to send a lot of people to your site. This lowers your chance of converting these people you gathered through Ads because they go back to square 1 in your funnel, depending on what page of your site they land to; which is most of the time on your homepage. We can’t expect conversions if we don’t narrow down our funnel and guide them step by step. 

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#3 – You are targeting too broad

If you’re targeting too broad and you’re sending window shoppers to your shop. They’re not actually buyers. Why? Because you haven’t targeted them down enough. You haven’t gotten a real specific type of person yet. Get specific, stat!

#4 – You don’t have a sales funnel in place

You’re following your strategic sales funnel. That’s going to lead people in through a customer journey. Find out where they are right now. Have they ever heard about you before? Have they ever heard of your offer before? Do they really have the need for this product/service? Or did they just stumble across your ad?

Identify every possible variable in play and start your sales funnel from there. Again, this just ties up with the other 3 tips above. 

So there’s a lot of different variables here, but I want you guys to make sure if you want any more information on the sales funnel method, because it really is the foundation to everything that you go in. Read this article (5 Facebook Ad Targeting Secrets To Increase Your Conversion Rate) about what it takes to set up a really solid, simple funnel in three steps so that you waste no money on ads, give you four tips on how to make sure that you are converting from your eyes instead of just driving traffic and making sure that your ads are actually doing what you want them to do – and that you’re generating sales.

Generally speaking, when you’re creating your Ads campaign, you have to think about your sales funnel so it’s easy for you to track your progress, tweak what’s necessary, and most importantly – you make it easy to purchase for your customers. A win-win for both of you!


4 Reasons why your Facebook Ads campaign is not converting:

  1. You are not choosing the right objective
  2. You are driving traffic to the wrong page
  3. You are targeting too broad
  4. You don’t have a sales funnel in place

I can walk you through on how to get started with Facebook Ads – in the right way! – that guarantees conversion from the very 1st Ad you roll out.

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