What to Say to Turn Followers Into Buyers

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Let’s be real with one another…The goal of a business owner is to offer a product or service that provides value, answers questions, and is wanted by others, right? Sounds nice and pretty packaged like that all nice and neat, but the truth of the matter is that it can be hard to get that outcome.

Some days, you may feel as though you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out the “magic” combination to make everything click. The good news? I can help guide you in the direction of how to provide a valuable service that your customers will want. It’s absolutely possible to turn those who follow you, your business and your journey into actual buyers. Intrigued? You should be! Here are my suggestions on what to say to turn followers into buyers.

What to Say to Turn Followers Into Buyers

  • I believe in this service.
    If you believe in it, it will show! Many people will prefer to stand on the sideline and watch to see how things unfold before deciding to make a purchase. Why wait for that to happen? SHOW them how amazing your service is and talk it up. The more that you can be enthusiastic about how much you believe in your service, the better chance that others will follow. Haven’t you ever heard that happiness is contagious? Well, so is excitement about something!
  • I’m just like you and here’s why.
    People love a story and love to hear how you got to where you are. Be real and open to your potential buyers. Talk about your life, the trials, and tribulations that led you to where you are, the amazing outcome of how you succeeded in your goals…Be human to them and relate to them and their everyday life. The more that they feel that they can trust you and be around you, the more likely they are to purchase again and again.
  • I have experience and knowledge in this industry.
    That statement of confidence is extremely powerful. Everyone in life is looking for someone that they can trust. If your service that you are offering is top-notch, you need to showcase that and talk about its results. Turn those followers into buyers by having them know that they can trust you, and the previous results that others have had. Your success should be mentioned and talked about so that the followers can process, understand and even see the big picture of everything that you’re offering to them. Once you give them the information, they can process and take the steps from being a follower to a buyer.

When running a business or offering a product or service, you have to find ways to connect with your audience. Long gone are the days of just throwing out a few advertisements and waiting for people to walk through the door. It doesn’t work that way anymore! Now, there is competition and 500 other people offering the same type of product or service that you are. You have to stand out, you have to take it to a whole other level, and you have to exert confidence in yourself while doing so.

The sooner that you can follow the suggested tips above, the sooner that you’ll start turning those followers into buyers and helping to grow you and your business.

What to Say to Turn Followers Into Buyers

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