3 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

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Building and growing online traffic is a huge component of running a successful online business. Without visitors and customers, how else will your business grow? Dreaming of that pie in the sky success is possible, but only if you are willing and able to do the hard work. Sitting back and watching the visitors pour into your site and watching those visits convert to sales is an amazing feeling. If you are wanting to find ways to turn website visitors into paying customers, try a few of these simple suggestions to make it happen!

3 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

  • Actively engage with them when they are on your site. Did you know that if that website visitor leaves without purchasing anything during their visit, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll remember to come back at a later point in time to make the sale? The key is to engage with them and capture their interest and attention when they are on your site. DO NOT let them leave, if at all possible, without trying to create some sort of relationship with them. Whether it be a survey, or a live chat agent option, do what you can to keep them on your site longer and gauge their interest.

3 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers
Source: SujanPatel.com


  • Have a strong call to action to get their attention. If your page website page doesn’t stand out and have a strong call to action, how will your website visitors know what to do? It’s a well-known fact that all of us spend countless hours surfing around the web, but how many times does that result in you actually doing something? If there isn’t a call to action asking you to leave your email or download something, you don’t do anything…am I right? In order to convert those visitors into sales, you have to ASK them to do something! Opt-in for your emails, download your latest PDF, or anything along those lines is a great way to have them get interested and involved in what you have to offer.

3 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers
Source: RoelManarang.com


  • Make certain your website loads quickly and easily. How often have you went to a web page and left because you felt like it was taking FOREVER to load? Trust me on this one…you aren’t alone in that feeling. In fact, slow loading web pages are one of the leading factors in people not staying on a website. If you want to convert your website visitors into sales, you need to have a professional looking and producing a page for them to explore. Anything that takes longer than a few seconds is too long! Have someone audit your site and see what ways you can improve and get it done! Every second that ticks off the clock is another customer lost.

3 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers
Source: QuickSprout.com


Finding ways to turn your website visitors into customers is key. While the simple steps above are a great place to start to try to make those conversions, sometimes there are other processes and steps that can happen to help out a bit further as well.

3 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

What happens if you still can’t seem to convert your website visitors into customers after following the tips above? Educate yourself on these options as well to see if they are right for you and your business.

  • Retargeting. Remember the earlier statement about how people who leave your website are way less likely to return to purchase an item at a later point in time? Retargeting can help with that. While it can be a complicated process, the easy take away to remember is that retargeting focuses on converting those visitors who left your site without purchasing to turn them into paying customers by the use of cookies. Intrigued? Find out more here.
  • Remarketing. Remarketing can be another amazing tool that uses cookies to keep your potential customers interested. Similar to retargeting, but with a little variance as well. Read more about it here.
  • Facebook Pixel. With the use of a simple code, you can have the ability to track your Facebook Ads and see how they are performing currently, and also base your future ads off the information tracked and gathered as well. It’s an amazing resource to have in your back pocket to use for the conversion and growth of sales and I can give you all the amazing details here.

While these may take a bit more time and effort, many businesses find great success in using these for their marketing and targeting purposes to grow their business.

When it comes to finding ways to convert your website visitors to sales, the tips above can be great aspects to tweak to make those sales start rolling in. Keep in mind that sometimes the easiest changes can produce the biggest results!

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