What To Do When Writer’s Block Hits

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Can I be 100% open and honest with you? Sometimes…I can’t think of words and topics to write about. SHHH. That can be our little secret, but I wanted you to know that if you feel that way too, you aren’t alone. And trust me…it’s a really frustrating feeling.


The good news? Writer’s block is only temporary. It won’t last forever. (whew!) And honestly, if your career and your job revolve around writing, you’ll probably have writer’s block more than once or twice in your life. (Don’t worry, it gets easier)

The difference between those that overcome writer’s block and those that give in to are that the ones that overcome take charge and control of their outcome. Did you know that you have the ability to defeat writer’s block? It’s 100% true. By a bit of planning ahead and persistence, you can break through that brick wall to let the words start flowing freely again!

  • Take a deep breath and know it’s going to be okay.

Seriously. It won’t last forever and it isn’t going to end your career. First and foremost…breathe.

  • Plan out your content.

Truthfully, writer’s block happens sometimes because we all fail to plan ahead. How many times have you been sitting at your computer grasping for a topic to write about because you haven’t given it any time or thought beforehand? Don’t fib…it happens. Writer’s block can be avoided if you take the time to plan out your content.

You can do this old school with a good ol’ paper and pencil, or use your computer to type out some thoughts. If you have a thought or a title that interests you to write about potentially, write it down. Your thoughts are like a rough draft in the fact that you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, but they are there just in case you need SOMETHING for some sort of inspiration.

The good news about content planning? You can organize it to work best for you.

One great idea is to have “category buckets” already set up or in the thought process of in your mind so that you know what your core content creation should revolve around. From the perspective of your readers, they are following you and reading your content because it appeals to them and their needs.

As you can see from the picture above, there are a lot of varying content buckets that you can have, but make certain that whatever you choose, they work for you and your brand.

  • Read other’s work for inspiration.

Doing a bit of research and reading on your own can be a great way to overcome the mental block in your mind. Take some time to read about topics that interest you, written from the perspective of other writers. You may find that there is something that just “clicks” inside of you, causing that writer’s block to be a thing of the past!

You hold the key to overcome anything that is blocking your path to success. And if there comes a point in time where you feel like you don’t know where to go, I’m here to help you with that!

I can help guide you, coach you, manage you and provide you with some amazing tools and valuable resources to get over the “hump” and back on track.

Interested in learning more! Drop me a line or check out my offerings HERE.

Together, we can get rid of that writer’s block and fill your upcoming posts full, ready to rock and roll! Don’t miss out my video masterclass that I’m offering as well! I’d love to have you JOIN in on all the fun!

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