Instagram Do’s and Don’ts to Create Content that Converts

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Everybody loves Instagram. Am I right? And honestly, what’s not to love? It’s an amazing social media platform that is taking the viewing world by storm. Millions of people around the world use Instagram for personal use as well as business use, and if you aren’t one of them it’s time to get in on that game. BUT…there are Instagram do’s and don’ts that are extremely important to follow to make certain that your audience stays engaged and interested in what you have to say. Looking for a few tips on how to make that happen? You know I’ve got the scoop for you to follow!

Did you know that there is such a thing as “Instagram etiquette?!” If you didn’t, you do know and I’m going to show you some of the basics of Instagram that are important to remember. If you are wanting to use your Instagram to drive traffic and convert sales, you have to know how to play the Instagram game!

  • DO take your time when posting.

It might be tempting to throw up a post here and there, but your audience isn’t going to react well to that. The purpose of Instagram is to have beautiful images that are appealing to your audience. If you are constantly just tossing up whatever picture you want, you are actually going to drive away potential customers and clients because of that “sloppy” look. Even if it takes you a bit longer, put time and effort into each and every post. After all, you are creating a brand image for your business so take pride in that!

  • DON’T leave your followers hanging.

If your followers take the time to interact with your post, you HAVE to take the time to interact back! It’s seriously as simple as that. Recognize those that wanted to recognize you and you’ll start to see growth from that move alone.

  • DO keep your Instagram feed interesting.

Whatever you don’t, don’t fall into a habit of just posting the same ol’, same ol’ stuff. You have to find a way to keep it interesting for your followers. Cool pics to share, interesting remarks on your posts…anything that you can do to keep your feed relevant and entertaining is always a good idea.

  • DON’T just post content that you find funny.

Sure, it’s okay every once in a while, but sooner rather than later, that’s going to get old. When using Instagram for business purposes, finding a way to post things that are catchy but also relevant to you and your niche and brand is super important! Plus, networking on Instagram is a great way to build your follower base as well. Check out what your competition is doing and see how you can start upping your game a bit as well. Reach out and see if there is even a potential to be able to work together in the future for some sort of future promotion. You never know what Instagram hold!

Instagram is one of those social media platforms that takes a bit of time and patience, but once you find your groove, it can seriously just take off! Let me help you get there!  I offer a ton of great resources and insight on growth and sales, plus I have an amazing webinar happening that has a seat reserved just for you!

Working together, we can conquer the ins and outs of all the Instagram do’s and don’ts! Will you join me? Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on taking advantage of everything that Instagram can do for you and your business!

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