5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Get More Sales

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Pinterest is one of the most shareable platforms available. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is all about the share and community. Most posts have time stamps, but they are hard to find. With so much of the focus being on what’s popular and “in” right now Pinterest has become a great place to find traffic that you can direct straight to your website.

So many entrepreneurs are successfully using Pinterest to drive thousands of new viewers to their website on a consistent monthly basis. When utilized properly, Pinterest can be considered as the “new” way of selling, predominantly driving sales.

5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Get More Sales


Here are 5 ways below:

1) Post images of your products

Pinterest is an image based platform, and if you have a Squarespace or WordPress website there are plug ins that you can easily install to make EVERY image you place on your website shareable. Not only will you be able to share it, but so will your viewers. The more content you create, the more likely your content will be shared and hopefully go viral. I suggest pinning every image on your website to your Pinterest board.

2) Join group boards

As Pinterest is coming up with more features that foster community, you can now join group boards. This is not something new, but if you have never used it you will be amazed. You may only have a hundred or so followers but if you find a group board and join in you will be able to pin images to boards with thousands of followers. Group boards are a great way to collaborate and become more visible.

3) Post blog post images

This tactic gets overlooked by those new to the platform, but in fact most of the images being shared on Pinterest link back to blog posts. Every time you publish a blog post, you should create one image for social media promotion and two images for Pinterest. Pinning two different images on Pinterest will increase the likelihood that it is both shared and pinned.

4) Search for product ideas

If you happen to be stuck in a rut and even though your website is getting page views, you are not getting sales, it may be time for a new product. Searching via Pinterest will let you know what is popular so you can get in on what is going on in your market. You can type your niche in to the search bar and Pinterest will show you the most up to date combination of what is popular and recent. This will let you know if you are missing sales from trying to push a product that is not “hot” right now.

5) Paid marketing

Pinterest paid marketing may be one of the best investments you make. Like other social media platforms where you can pay for marketing Pinterest will charge you for clicks, but not shares. With the platform being more about shares, you will almost get double the views without paying for it.
Pinterest is still a mystery to most business owners that are not in the blog, crafts or arts arena. It is a great tool to utilize. It can boost not only your sale, but sit traffic as well as your popularity and influence overall!

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