Legit Work-Life Balance for the Millennial Mama

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Ladies, we do not have to do it all, even though we can. I would like to share these tips on how I do my work-life balance. I hope these tips will help you!

#1) prioritize your life

Family over everything. That’s my motto, anyway. Keeping a boundary between mom and work life is essential to ensure not only you, but those around you know what and who comes first. Jobs can come and go but the well-being of yourself and your family should be first. Don’t feel guilty about it either. You’ll be more hurt if down the road, your children only remembered you working and being mentally checked out and stressed around them.

#2) Use your resources, gladly

Ain’t no shame in our game. We work hard and we deserve to be smart about the time we do have at home. Keep up on the latest apps or services that help with well, being a mom. Consider exchanging commute time for errands for delivery services for dry cleaning, dinner ordering, grocery shopping, etc

  • Thumbtack
  • Freshdirect
  • Publix (if you’re in the South, now delivers)
  • Seamless
  • Yelp Eat24
  • Postmates
  • Task Rabbit

#3) team work makes the dreamwork

No seriously, baby daddy can help… and should; happily. Parenting takes two. Remember: dads are parents as well, not babysitters.¬†There is no such thing as “I don’t do ____” when your’e a parent.¬†Women, we know we can do it all but we shouldn’t. Having BD / hubby / etc help out with all of the same kid duties as you not only relieves you, but strengthens the relationship by sharing an equal exchange of insight to the struggles of this beautiful mess we call parenthood.


#4) handy Hacks

Having handy hacks come so clutch when running around trying not to be a hot mess mom.

  • Clothes picked out for each day of week
  • Keep a “fun bag” handy so spontaneous trips to the park or beach are less work
  • Make the Crockpot your BFF
  • Keep a Chalkboard/Whiteboard with chores, meals, notes or reminders
  • Grocery shop based on meals for the week (it saves money, too)
  • Outsources tasks (hello housekeeper)

#4: leave work at work

Reality is, work equals pay. So obvi, that needs to be tended to. But keep it within those hours. Dedicate 100% of yourself while you are working, to actually work. Then leave it there. Develop habits that keep you focused while you’re working so you are most productive and most efficient. While in the office (or working at home), you can get as much done by minimizing distractions as much as possible.

#5: when at home, Be in 100%

It’s bad enough we have to dread being away from the kids during work. But when you are at home, really be in the moment. Get off your phone, emails can wait. Quality time vs. quantity time. Use those evening hours and weekends to dedicate 100% to your personal life. Just be all in when your with those babies. Mixing both is exhausting and you’ll feel way better when you are not physically in one place and mentally in another.

Legit Work Life Balance for the Millennial Mama

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