13 Hacks To Being Happy & Feeling Great

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Being genuinely happy is one of the greatest achievement in life. I created this compilation to help you change little bits of your life to make it so much better!

1. Repeat positive affirmations

I am amazing and I deserve the world.
I can do absolutely anything I put my mind to.
I am beautiful and fabulous.
To get a pretty list of super sexy ones, that have helped me change my life, download here.

2. Do not engage in gossip

‘Bochincheras’ are born to spend their time gossiping about others. Who the hell cares if so and so is pregnant and slept with the other cousin’s brother’s wife at the …. like, just stop. If it doesn’t positively affect your life, it shouldn’t be discussed. I know, I know, it can be addicting. And im not saying an occasional Kardashian catch-up with the girls isn’t absolutely necessary – because we all know that’s an exception. But if office talk consists of whispers and irrelevant OMGs, then your’e just doing yourself a disservice by wasting your own valuable time.

3. Practice thinking positively about everything

Altering your perspective intentionally can be a life changer. Try to call yourself out on the initial thought or judgement of typical, everyday behavior. Someone bumps you in the street? Do you initially scowl, scoff and mumble a string of curses? I’m pretty sure you are guilty of doing the same once or twice and I guarantee it was not intentional. So why assume the scenario for others? Try smiling at them instead and dismissing the action like it never happened. Because in two seconds, it will not even matter.
Negative thinking is SO toxic. You will legit feel like a new person when you begin to purposely practice positivity. Read more about that here.


4. Smile at people in the streets

I tell my two year old daughter this all the time. It works. Passing on positive vibes to others even in a casual passing causes a chain effect far beyond your reach. Try it out.

5. Compliment someone

You like her shoes? Why not tell her! How about his hair? Better yet, shoot for a trait that is non-physical. Making someone smile is a no-brainer to making yourself to the same.

6. Wake up early and listen to the birds

The sounds of birds chirping in the morning always soothes me and makes me feel so happy. For some reason, it gives me the feeling of a fresh start. It’s a reminder that today is another opportunity to enjoy this life and possibly change something for the better.

7. Exercise

If you’re not a fan, starting is the hardest part. But it makes you feel so damn good. Studies show the endorphins released from burning calories, directly increases energy, clearing your mind and helping you make better decisions. So find something you love or get a Groupon and try something new.

8. Do something that makes you feel good

It is so crucial to take care of yourself. I call BS on anyone who states they don’t have the time. It may be complicated to find the time, but like anything else that’s remotely important – you must make the time. Wake up earlier or stay up later. But whether it’s pure meditation, going for a jog or reading that book you’ve been staring at on your night table for months, just do it.

9. Switch up your routine

Take a different way home, listen to a different station on your way to work, talk to someone you usually don’t. Call up an old friend. Shake things up a bit.

10. Listen to soothing music

My personal fave to relax is John Coltrane but whatever rocks your boat. Spotify is great for offering playlists based on different moods.

11. Get adequate rest

I personally have suffered from Insomnia so this one is major key. Plus, if your a mom you already know what it’s like to be permanently scarred from sleep-deprivation. However, on the path to becoming a healthier person and really just an adult, we have to be proactive. Intentionally shut off the world a little earlier so you can get your shut-eye. Lavender everything, essential oils steaming by your bed, calming lotions, a sound machine, whatever you need – make it happen. You will thank yourself later.

12. Journal

When your mind gets too cluttered, journaling is always a great outlet. A judge-free zone to release all of your thoughts, hopes, wishes, memories, dreams or fears. Let it out and leave it all in the books.

13. Dance & sing

I’m not saying this has to be good. But this outlet has studies that show it exudes happiness.

13 Hacks To Being Happy & Feeling Great

What are some of your hacks to being happy? Share them below!

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