What PPD Means & How Long Does it Last?

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Postpartum Depression

The words that scare women shitless both pre & post childbirth. Nothing can scare a woman more than the thought of becoming a different person after giving life to a beautiful baby. As if growing an actual human inside of your body causing an explosive combination of bliss, discomfort, excruciating pain & overwhelming love isn’t enough. Then you have to care for, nurture, nurse, protect, provide, cherish, clean and ultimately love from the bottom of your heart. Nothing can take away the joy of being a mother like a pound of PPD bricks hitting you. This shit is real, ladies. After having two babies 18 months apart my well-being, body, hormones went through an unexplainable roller coaster that even I couldn’t get a handle on. What PPD Means & How Long Does it Last

And essentially… that’s what postpartum depression is.

It’s the feeling of being out of control. The feeling of having raging, slingshot emotions that don’t match your true feelings. It’s not being able to sleep because of anxiety; not because of our babies waking up all through the night. It’s having to feel as if you can never be still, you can never not be busy, you can never not be cleaning bottles or picking up clothes or worrying about something – anything. It’s your nerves living on egg shells for what seems like eternity. It’s being constantly anxious, worrisome and depressed, for reasons unknown. It can be feeling not good enough. It can be feeling extreme and never-ending overwhelm. It can mean feeling as if everything is just too much. But it doesn’t last forever. Ultimately the length is determined by how we climb out. How we face it is by accepting, admitting and then seeking help. The first step to defeating Postpartum depression is recognizing the signs. Then immediately taking action. In order to do so, you have to first be aware that what you’re feeling although is completely understandable, it is not healthy to allow it to encompass you while doing nothing about it. You deserve to be healthy, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be the best you that you can be. And not just for yourself, but for your precious baby. The time frame for all women vary but promise, it doesn’t last forever.

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