Hi, I'm Lorell Lane!

I teach people how to launch Facebook and Instagram Ads that sell.

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I’ve planned and sold high-level online and television ad campaigns for over 1,000 businesses worldwide.

At Univision - helped everyone from small business owners to lawyers, doctors, national brands and ad agencies all scale revenue from 6 to 7 figure launches.

Helped my clients do up to $50k in sales when just getting started.

For 7 years, I’ve sold everything from Online, Radio & TV Ads in NYC, Miami, and Orlando.

Advertising Media Executive for top TV Networks for 7+ years

2013 - 2014

NYU Digital Marketing Alumna

Managed $10M in ads during the day.

Managed a baby, another on the way & a new business at night.


Desperate for freedom, I vowed to make a change. Invested. Learned. Practiced. Failed at business #1. Got back up and tried again.

2016 - 2017

After earning $101,000 in 4 months using ads to get clients, I quit corporate to take my hustle full time.


Six figure months, feeling liberated with total freedom of time and place. Ads run my business on autopilot so I can spend more time with my family... while helping hundreds of others do the same.

2019 - Present

I'm constantly shocked by the dream life I've created because of SOCIAL MEDIA ads. So, I've made it my mission to show others how to do it, too. And to think just a few years ago, I spent my time daydreaming of this life. Every single day I am grateful for the chances I took, investing in myself and deciding to make a change.

... because all it takes is ONE change.

$104K in 1 month!

"I did 70k in revenue in the last 4 weeks from running successful ad campaigns. Not only have my sales increased but I've also gained a lot of new clients from my ads"

 -Shakiya Gardner, Salon Owner

$30,000 months

"When I first started with Lorell, I was making about $10k a month and stuck there and now always reaching $30k!"

-Priscilla Morales, Online Store Owner

$16K in 3 weeks!

"I’m not new to FB ads but obviously something wasn’t right.  In the timeframe that I started my ads with Lorell's direction I have spent a little less than $2k and earned almost $16k!"

-Myesha Williams, Photographer

$50,000 in 2 MontHs!

"$50k in 2 months! Absolutely crazy & mind-blowing! Just last week I quit my job, & I'm a single mom of 3. I thought that was pretty impossible for someone like me. The Social Sales Lab has changed the game! It changed my life!"

-Raylicia Young, Event Planner

$20K to $63K in 3 Months!

"Using Lorell’s Facebook strategies has changed my whole business. My sales instantly tripled.

I made more AND spent less! I can’t thank her enough!"

Chelsea Guarriello, Dropshipper

less than 1 month,earned $4,000

"We came across Lorell, she explained how we could scale my business and book calls using her funnel.
We jumped in and enrolled and in less than 1 month we earned $4,000!"

-Jen & Rob MorriS, Business Coaches


"Facebook ads have totally changed my business! I made TRIPLE what I made in an entire month in just a week! I am so glad for all Lorell’s help!"

-Chalise Petersen, Online Store Owner

$9,000 IN 2 WEEKS

"In less than 2 weeks after launching my campaign, I had over $9,000 in sales with $250 ad spend."


$9,000 IN 2 WEEKS

"The reason why we started Lorell's program was mainly because we want to grow our business. We basically doubled our numbers. Our highest week before was at $8k and we reached our highest week at $21k!

-Christina & Arturo, BrandUrName.com

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